Facts – Spring Mattresses are Eco-friendlier or Memory Foam Mattresses?

You might be one of those who are very considerate about the environment and try your utmost to not use those goods that aren’t environmentally beneficial. But did you consider how much environmentally friendly your presently in-use mattress is? The chances are: you haven’t. The truth be told, many mattresses actually are harmful to the biosphere. The most awful ones are spring mattresses while the best kind and often recommended ones are memory foam mattresses when you consider the eco-friendliness of mattresses. You might wonder the reason behind why memory foam mattresses are more environmental friendly than the spring ones, find out here.

The reality about most mattresses

It may be a bit of a shock to observe that most mattresses in the markets aren’t eco-friendly in any way. Some even are harmful to health and aren’t even appropriate for a good night’s rest as they have chemicals. The chemicals could be due to the quality of stuff used in the making of a mattress such as cotton that is drenched in pesticides and chemicals. In order to pass the safety test regulated by consumer product safety commission of USA, a few traditional mattress producers even utilize a chemical called PBDEs short of polybrominated diphenyl ethers. This kind of chemical is considered as a cancer-causing chemical and has also been referenced as having the possibility to cause reproductive and developmental ailments. A few other chemicals are also added to general mattresses to meet specific criteria, but those may be absorbed in the skin. The traditional mattresses further cause a threat to climate because they are made of such materials that aren’t easily decomposable and can’t be recycled. The use of resources is getting threatened due to the very fact that the materials are used only once and then left to landfills.

The reason Memory foam mattresses are healthy for our environment

First things first, all kinds of memory foam mattresses should not be considered eco-friendly; there is an exception of few that aren’t. The main focus over here is on the natural and modern variants. These kinds are manufactured with the resources that are rapidly renewing and the procedure follows a zero-emission manufacturing process which is considered as the hallmark of the climate-friendly mattress. The resources used in producing memory foam are quickly renewed and the nature of the materials used are very long-lasting; these facts ensure that ample time is given for the coming generations of resources to replace the older ones. It does not contain VOCs that are harmful and it is based on plants and doesn’t have any petroleum products that can cause any damage to the environment. The modern compression method which is environmentally safe is used to ship the mattresses. Tuft and needle memory foam mattresses are shipped in an eco-friendly way all over the US. On the flip side in terms of environmental friendly aspect, if you compare the spring mattresses to memory foam mattresses, the spring ones lack major qualities. They are manufactured out of synthetic materials which aren’t renewable or even biodegradable and they contain a few chemical pollutants too. Even though some of the spring foam mattresses are now produced in a more eco-friendly way, they still fail to be bio-degradable. Additionally, the environmental friendly method for shipping that memory foam uses cannot be adapted for spring mattresses. Their eco-friendly variant is costly and difficult to get hold of