Pressure Points to Fall Asleep Faster

Sleepness or insomnia is a condition when the person is unable to sleep well at night. In this condition, people remain insensible, and it is difficult for the person to sleep or snooze at night. Several studies and persons say that, in some cases of insomnia, people suffer from several days of sleeplessness, while in severe conditions, the patient is unable to sleep even for months. This is a very critical condition of the patient in which he might suffer from many brain damages or neurological nervousness. The doctors advise the persons to get almost eight hours os sleep, but in this condition of insomnia, the person is unable to get the complete sleep of seven or eight hours. In this condition, the patient faces many problems and difficulties while sleeping at night. such type of persons must visit this website to search about these things, and get the best mattresses for sleeping well at night. In this condition, many people go to the doctors to find the solutions, they get medicines for the temporary treatment. But, medicines are not for a permanent solution. After getting medicines, people might sleep well for some days, but after a week or two, the same case occurred with the patients.

The medicines have lots of side effects on the person’s health. These medicines can prove much dangerous for the individuals, as these medicines destroy the natural sleep cycle of the individuals. To get a permanent solution to all these problems, a person must find the pressure points for sleeping faster at night. After finding the pressure points, a person must put some strain or pressure on these pressure points. Some of the best methods of putting pressure for falling asleep earlier are as follow:

Three Yin Intersection:

Three yin intersection is one of the best methods for putting pressure on sleeping points. In this method, the connection system is situated inside the internal leg or the above side of the ankle. People sum together the four fingers and then gently apply the pressure on the internal legs, or the overhead of the ankle. People put the pressure of together four fingers on the shin bone, which is situated somewhere between the lower side of the ankle. The three yin intersection method is utilized to treat the disease of insomnia, and this carries a complete process. Mostly the pregnant girls are advised to not use this method.


Windpool is also a pressure point for falling asleep earlier. The persons who are suffering from insomnia find the wind pool which is situated on the vertebral of the neckline. The same technique is applied in this method, fingers are joined together to put some pressure on the collar bone of the body. In this way, persons feel much relaxed and fall asleep earlier.

The pressure points are located in different parts of the body, from neck to feet, just a person has to find them and apply gentle pressure for falling asleep earlier.