Side Effects That You Are Sleeping On A Bad Mattress

Research shows that your mattress will adversely affect your sleep quality. Most sleepers already know this fact all too well, but it isn’t easy to take a brave move in changing or upgrading your mattress. However, the only explanation why you don’t get good sleep is not your mattress. Such extreme heat and emptying your bladder can lead to mild and serious side effects, too much sleep, or high caffeine.  An adult’s average sleep is now expected to last 6 to 8 hours a day. This will help your body recover and help your muscles regenerate during sleep if your mattress is sufficiently supportive. The effects, however, are bad health, chronic back pains, allergies, and weight increase, among others, if the mattress is old and unsupportive. For more information, visit

 Back Pain

Chronic back pain is one of the most common sleep problems. Although some of them blame your sleep, your mattress can be the cause. You see, as your mattress ages, its supportive forces are beginning to be lost in the middle. Since the mattress is bent in the center, your sleep position cannot be easily changed, causing you to sleep in an uncomfortable situation that stresses you. Although you might not feel it, sleeping long in such odd positions can cause sleep disruption as well as frequent backaches in your spine.


Are you having trouble sleeping? Ok, it could be another indication that on a poor mattress, you are sleeping. You see, lack of sleep for one or two nights is all right, but total sleep failure due to chronic sleep loss can have serious health implications because the body lacks sufficient time to fix and recover itself. Apart from harming your health, insufficient sleep may trigger drowsiness during the day.

Depression and Stress Increase

Depression and elevated stress levels are other symptoms exacerbated by insufficient sleep. Although other factors such as work/family and environmental issues may trigger these conditions, your sleeping environment is a major factor that cannot be excluded. So consider adjusting your mattress the next time you feel moody, insomnia, and anxiety attacks.

Problems of Hygiene

Did you ever remember that you appear to lose a cup of water by secretion while you sleep? While some of the water evaporates, the remainder will be absorbed and penetrated on your sheets. We all know that in moist environments, bacteria, foam, and mildew are thriving. If your mattress moistens due to the absorption of so much body moisture and does not forget spills, the growth of mold and very troubling bacteria is encouraged. Thankfully, this issue can be avoided using waterproof mattresses or covering the bed with a waterproof mattress cover, according to the sleep consultant website. This can also have respiratory health effects.


Your mattress is ultimately your health, and your health is your best benefit. Poor sleep may result, from tiredness to physical and mental health problems, in mild or serious illnesses. So it will be time for you to switch to a newer, supportive, and comfortable mattress if you have any of the above side effects.