Is Fiverr Legit & Safe? Our Customer Review

Are you considering taking up freelance work with Fiverr but not sure if it’s legit? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we provide an overview of Fiverr and a customer review so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you. Read on to find out more!

1. What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows freelancers to offer services to customers around the world. It was established in 2010 and is now one of the most popular online marketplaces for freelancers and employers. With Fiverr, customers can connect directly with freelancers who offer services ranging from logo design and web development to copywriting and virtual assistant work.

Fiverr is easy to use – customers simply post a job request, list their budget and preferred turnaround time, and then wait for freelancers to submit offers. Users can view freelancer profiles and portfolios to get a better sense of their background and skills before selecting the right one for the project. Once an offer is accepted, both customers and freelancers can use the platform to communicate and keep track of the project.

  • Why use Fiverr?
  • Wide range of services
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Connect with freelancers worldwide

2. Is Fiverr Legit and Safe?

Understanding if Fiverr is legit and safe is key to having a positive experience with the freelancer platform. Fortunately, Fiverr is a serious platform where rules have been implemented to protect both sellers and buyers as much as possible.

The first layer of security on Fiverr is the identification process. All sellers must go through a detailed process to be approved. Additionally, all payments done through Fiverr are secure and encrypted. Fiverr also offers a lengthy list of trust and safety features:

  • Verified Seller – Fiverr verifies all sellers before they start selling.
  • Buyer Protection – When you make a purchase through Fiverr, you will be presented with an extensive Guarantee.
  • Reviews – Every buyer can leave a review of the seller, guaranteeing fair play.

Overall, Fiverr is very secure and legit. The platform has taken measures to guarantee that neither sellers nor buyers are exposed to fraud. By adding buyer protection and customer reviews, Fiverr makes sure that all purchases are done in a secure and safe way and that there is no room for any kind of fraud.

Is Fiverr Legit
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3. Fiverr Customer Reviews

What People Are Saying about Fiverr:

  • Quick delivery of services
  • High-quality services
  • Reasonable prices

Fiverr has earned a lot of praise due to its unique platform for freelance online services. Customers who have utilized the platform for their business needs have frequently commented on the platform’s convenience, reliability, and quality of services.

Time and time again, customers have reported being pleased with the quick delivery of services. They also note the high quality of the services delivered by the freelance professionals, despite the relatively low cost.

Many of them have also found that the prices offered by Fiverr are very reasonable for the quality of services received. Moreover, the platform has enabled individuals and businesses from all over the world to easily find specialized services at the right price.

4. Pros and Cons of Using Fiverr


  • Fiverr is a low-risk, low-cost way to get small tasks done quickly.
  • You can find freelancers with all sorts of skills and experience on Fiverr.
  • It is convenient to search and pick a freelancer according to your budget and requirements.
  • The payment is secure and the buyer has protection against any fails.


  • Fiverr is good for smaller tasks and jobs but it may not be suitable for bigger projects.
  • The results are not always what you expect. It’s difficult to find a quality freelancer on Fiverr.
  • The fees and service charges are quite high. The cost of the project can add up quickly.
  • The communication is not always smooth and clear.
Is Fiverr Legit

5. Final Thoughts on Fiverr

Flexibility & Affordability: Fiverr is a great choice for entrepreneurs and independent professionals alike. It offers an incredible range of services and products at affordable prices. It also provides users with the flexibility to update their packages in response to demand and preferences.

Real Reviews: Fiverr has been generating real customer reviews from people who have used their services. With this, potential customers can read reviews from people that have actually used Fiverr and make an informed decision.

Complex Project Management: Fiverr also offers project management capabilities for those with complex tasks. This feature allows users to streamline the process of projects which can save time and money.

Faster Response Time: Fiverr offers a fast response time to queries and projects. This is often felt in the compliments and recommendations from its users. Customers that place orders can expect a timely response and delivery from Fiverr.

  • Fiverr allows customers flexibility in updating their services and products.
  • Real customer reviews and feedback can be found on Fiverr.
  • Fiverr offers project management for complex tasks.
  • Fiverr also delivers fast response and delivery time.

In conclusion, Fiverr is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs and independent professionals looking for affordable services. Due to its flexibility and ability to offer project management for complex tasks, customers can expect quality service and timely delivery.

Furthermore, with its real reviews, customers have access to information that can help them make an informed decision.

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